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Winter Solstice and Capricorn New Moon

December 21 & 23, 2022

Bonnie Isham Willis

My Notes

Happy Holidays from Palm City Florida.

Jupiter just moved into Aries, while the Sun moved into Capricorn to create a cardinal T-square with Ceres at 0* Libra

You might feel pushed or forced into doing something – ready or not!! Overindulgence is a risk, starting too many things that you cant possibly finish is a risk. Promising more than you can deliver is a risk. Sacrificing your own self care for others is a risk. It seems a lot of people are running themselves hard until they get sick. Check in with your priorities. Is the goal worth the sacrifices and hard work?

The energies are pulling in 3 different directions and they all want their way. Jupiter will pull to the career or responsibilities to the rest of the world, Ceres will pull toward nurturing others and maybe even losing yourself in your care giving. And the Sun, entering Capricorn screams out to delegate (hehehe) take care of you first so you have enough energy/time etc to take care of others. If you don’t take care of yourself – your body will shut down and you will have no choice but to take a little time off. It’s funny how it happens like that.

Mars Rx in the 12th

Mars is hiding and reviewing. Don’t avoid and deny the internal voice. Take time for yourself and that inner voice. Gemini Mercury Rx - rethink your position – your beliefs – rethink & review everything you hear and everything you thought you knew. Look at it with different eyes.

Capricorn New Moon on Dec 23rd

The Capricorn New Moon comes in with a Sag rising.

Put your vision into action. It’s time to build the dream.

Juno with Neptune in late Pisces

What mysteries will be solved ? What will be revealed?

Mars Rx in Gemini square Vesta

Beware of stewing over old grievances and unfairness (indignation?). Your loyalty and integrity may be tested. Let that shit go!

It’s a Good time to reflect over the New Year. Mercury stations retrograde Rx on December 29 for 3 weeks. Use it well.


If you would like to talk about how these energies are affecting you personally. Please schedule a consult – facebook messenger or my website.


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