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Virgo New Moon 2022

Virgo New Moon 2022

August 27, 2022

Bonnie Isham Willis:

There seems to be a lot of intensity as above, and so below these days. In our personal lives and our communities, relationships seemed strained (Saturn oppose Venus) and any additional hair could break the camel’s back. Globally, the same energy applies, but the patterns of change and struggle play out through war and tragedy. (Uranus & N.Node 10th house)

Perhaps everything happening around us is exaggerated and intensified because we are tired of the same old fight. We want it to be finished, complete, all done. Or maybe we thought it would be different. But it doesn’t seem to be working out that way. (Saturn square nodes & Uranus: big dose of reality sprinkled everywhere)

When reality and the expectation in your head don’t go together, it can be very frustrating. And the most frustrating part is that you can’t do anything about it. Other’s actions and choices are outside of your control. The more you hold on to the old way of doing things and the old beliefs and mindsets, the more frustrating these changes will be for you. (fixed grand cross)

The cure for frustration is surrender. (Neptune in Pisces) It’s not always easy to allow the changes to happen around you. But you can find freedom and understanding through a new perspective (mutable new moon) which allows you to find your place in the changing world.


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