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Virgo Full Moon - March 2023

Ask Bonnie

March 2023

Bonnie Isham Willis :

also published in The Third Eye Mystic Shop Newsletter, Jupiter, Florida.

March is a busy month, astrologically speaking. We have many shifts and plot twists coming. Ready or not. The Virgo Full Moon (March 7) will stir up an undercurrent theme of sacrifice and service. Sometimes we work through it and sometimes we just let it go.

What we imagine, we can have, if we follow through with commitment & self discipline. This is our chance to make our dreams come true. But sometimes, it’s not about doing more, it’s about accepting and allowing what is.

My Astrology Notes

Holistic Health and Wellness is about all the bodies, physical, mental, & emotional/spiritual.

There is a big concentration of Aries energy: The full moon chart's Ascendant, Vesta, Jupiter, Chiron, Venus and Juno are getting something started. The energy is high and the planets are ready for action. Rather than letting frustration build up, put your energy into healthy outlets and fresh starts.

(Michael Jackson, Wanna Be Startin' Somethin')

All that Aries energy is followed up with North node and Uranus in Taurus: Get started and stick with it!!

Virgo Full Moon on the 6th – 12th axis. Are you called to service? Focus on inner and outer health. Does your daily health routine/ practice need an upgrade? Mental health and physical health working together !

Pisces concentration in the 12th. Mercury, Sun, and Neptune with Saturn only a little behind are riding the wave into Pisces. The DREAM, changes, the abundance, the moves you want to make are working from the inside out. Doing the quiet inner work is making forward progress.

Full Moon Rituals

Water is a great conduit for this Virgo Full Moon Ritual. Take a bath or a shower (or a dip in the ocean) with the intent of cleaning all your bodies (physical, mental, & emotional/spiritual). Visualize washing away what doesn’t belong.. all the energy we no longer need. We don’t need negative thoughts, we don’t need anger, Let go of all the thoughts and emotions that no longer serve you.

Send love to those we are frustrated or angry with. The harder they are to deal with, the more love you should send them.

Coming Up:

· Spring Equinox March 20

· Aries New Moon March 21


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