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Truth is progress; truth is freedom

Scorpio New Moon Eclipse

October 25, 2022

Bonnie Isham Willis

Eclipse time is a big deal astrologically speaking. It happens in pairs, twice a year. This year, we have the New Moon Eclipse on October 25th, and the Full Moon Eclipse on November 8th. An eclipse reveals a time for change; ready or not !

Symbolically, the seed is planted at the new moon and comes to fruition at the full moon. But big events are not always specific to a day and big changes don’t always depend on a big event. Look for changes in your attitude. Things are intolerable now even if they were fine last month. Are you just being sensitive, or are you finally finding your voice?

My notes:

All these energies have a very clear message in common. Control is an illusion. We can only control our mindset and our choices. Align your choices with your values and let the rest go.

New Moon conjunct Venus 2* Scorpio

Coming in right on the Ascendant is like a neon sign saying here it comes. With Venus I hope that means a soft landing. Right now is a great time to make sure your choices are in line with your values. Whatever has been happening, is calling up those values and choices. Making you take notice.

Choose the right path - Do the right thing even when it’s hard (Saturn).

Saturn square Uranus

If Saturn is the old, Uranus is the new. If Saturn is the status quo, Uranus is progress. These two energies/planets have been squaring off Every step for progress is met with a challenge from the old way. Change always wins. The old way will let go… eventually. In your personal life, you can make conscious efforts to let go of what is no longer helping.

Truth is progress; truth is freedom. The face off is the hardest part.

Pluto quincunx Mars

Trying to find the balance between empowered and aggressive. Facing frustrations like standing up for yourself vs. being defensive or over reacting.

Mars square Neptune (mutable)

The up and down energy levels are a challenge. Too much scattered “squirrel” energy sometimes, and other times, only want sleep. It might feel like you have one foot on earth and the other foot on another plane. The only thing you can do is listen to your body and do what you can, when you can. Mars in Gemini wants to do 14 things at once, and Neptune wants to avoid anything that might be uncomfortable or restrictive. Use your energy to do something positive for yourself or the world rather than to avoid.

Mercury 12th house square Pluto

Where is the voice of reason? Mercury is hidden behind the rising and is being challenged by Pluto. Empower your voice by speaking the truth. The truth will be investigated and a mystery may be revealed. In your personal life, uncover your secrets by speaking your truth. Write it in a journal, run over it in your head, ask for guidance and the highest good and then … just express yourself !!! With reason and kindness.. but say what you have to say. It may not get the results you want, especially if it is stepping into someone else’s lane, but you have to get it out.. let it go.. release it.

It’s New Moon Manifesting time - Put your intentions in, do your manifesting rituals. (the strongest energy is before the eclipse) When you are asking for everything you want, remember to also ask for how you can be of service and express love out in the world.


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