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Taurus Eclipse November 8, 2022

November 8, 2022 @ 16* Taurus/Scorpio

Bonnie Isham Willis:

Lately, it may seem as if we are either in a personal crisis, or helping with a loved one’s crisis. And don’t underestimate the overflow.

Changes are coming, ready or not. There is definitely a lot going on, much of it intense or frustrating. There is big energy in all the fixed signs except Leo (Molly McCord) and there is nothing in the 10th house (the global stage). There may appear to be an absence or void, but there is one point (person place or thing) that wants to grab all the attention. I am curious how this will play out with the whole world watching.

Personal Life

In our personal lives: Scorpio energy (Sun, Mercury, Venus, S.Node) can bring to light secrets or hidden feelings. Taurus energy (Uranus, Moon, N. Node) shows the way by aligning with your true values and trying to stay in your own lane. The tug of war that is happening with these strong fixed energies is getting a potentially harsh push from Saturn. Something is definitely coming to a head.

In the Face of Saturn

It feels like we are in the face of Saturn. We are being hard-pressed to face whatever IT is for us. Our own intense emotions, fears, guilt and/or shame may be triggered. Face it. Resistance and avoiding brought you to the breaking point, now, if you want something different – you have to do something different.

Pushed into a Corner

The T-square shows many of us being pushed into a corner wherever we have avoided or escaped up until now. Where we have stayed in our comfort zone and refused to make the changes that were needed. It’s all the things we have sat with over the last couple years or lifetimes coming to a head – making us take a good hard Saturn look in the mirror. But we don’t have to go far – it’s being shown to us through reflections all around us.

Can you Relate?

~ Maybe you prioritized work for the last year and your kids and wife and house are all showing the signs of neglect. You needed the extra money and were feeling very good about your position at work. It may feel like your wife is nagging you to fix the fence and take the kids to the water park like you promised and the dog to the trainer that you promised and so on. Is your wife nagging; is the world against you?

But if you look deeper into yourself, you might realize it would be easier to admit that

you have neglected and di-prioritized your family lately and deal with how you can

balance all the things you value.

~ Or maybe your story is that you have taken on way too much; everyone comes to you and expects you to solve their problems and you do it. It actually makes you feel good to be able to help. But in another layer of reality, it is you that you are neglecting. You’re so busy, and so exhausted all the time and you don’t have anything left for yourself. You like and want people to depend on you and need you. This makes you feel good.

But if you look deeper into yourself, you may realize that you are avoiding your own

needs and maybe the painful or hard bits about accountability and self discipline that

comes with being more self aware and conscious.

It may feel like everyone is against you – the stars must be conspiring against you. But the truth is the Universe is working for your benefit – to get you to see the areas that need your attention. The more you avoid, the more frustrating it gets.

Whatever we are being forced to face, it really is for our higher good, and all the people around us. It is hard to make changes, especially where we have fixed energy in our chart. But, when you start treating yourself better, everything around you will get better. You will feel better and be able to manage your world with a lot more love.


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