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Sagittarius New Moon

November 23, 2022

Bonnie Isham Willis

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends. The planets are working in the background but many of us are moving so fast, we don’t have time to notice. The energy is fast and furious and although there are a lot of challenges and issues we have buried, we are moving forward. Right after the New Moon, Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius will station direct. Hope and optimism and a busy social schedule are propelling us forward ready or not.

My Notes

The new moon plays caboose in a Sag stellium with Venus and Mercury. Activating squares to Vesta and Juno on each end.

  • § Vesta in Pisces square the New Moon (Sun & Moon @ 1 Sagittarius)

  • § Sun & Moon conjunct Venus & Mercury in Sag

  • § Venus and Mercury square Juno

Questioning our commitment to a higher purpose; it’s hard to be dedicated to daily tedious small stuff with all this big fun sag energy.

Ceres Virgo square Mars Rx Gemini

Finding new ways to nurture yourself. Go within (Rx) see the inner child and be what that child needed/needs.

Saturn at the Midheaven

Saturn in Aquarius calls us to do the work for the higher good. Be of service; be accountable to the people; think of the underdog, think of the collective.

Chiron in the 11th

Healing through talking with friends and groups. It’s a great time for support group or interest group for shared experiences and mutual healing.

North Node conjunct Uranus in the 12th

Change happens from the inside out.


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