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Pisces New Moon 2023

Updated: Mar 5

Ask Bonnie

Pisces New Moon February 20, 2023

Bonnie Isham Willis :

The new moon is a great time to set your intentions or goals for the next month.

Plant the seed.

Right now, we can feel stirring under the surface; the urge to do something different or start something new. We may even feel a great pull to clean out the attic, basement, or garage; to cut back, to minimize, or to streamline in some area of our lives. Literally or symbolically.

We are still in the quiet before the storm. March will bring major shifts and plot twists. We are getting ready for the shifts whether we know it or not. If you are struggling, there is some resistance trying to get your attention. Consider what you may be resisting, and how you can deal with the changes as they come.

Coming Up:

· Virgo Full Moon March 7, 2023

· Spring Solstic March 20, 2023

· Aries New Moon March 21, 2023

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