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Pisces Full Moon 2022

Limiting Beliefs and Integration

September 10, 2022

Bonnie Isham Willis:

Pisces Full Moon is a time of big emotional release. (catharsis is good) But with Mercury stationed, be careful not to get stuck in that place of woe is me. Let that shit go!!!

This is a good time to expel all the stress and fear, and use the Mercury Rx period (3 weeks) to integrate everything we have learned. Sometimes we forget Mercury Rx is about replenish, recuperate, regenerate, rejuvenate, and reaffirm.

My Notes:

The overall pattern of the chart is see-saw (ish) which illustrates the adjusting and back-n-forth to find balance. The theme of finding balance and integrating multiple levels is repeated.

The Moon is Full: Sun at 17* Virgo, Moon at 17* Pisces

· Applying to Neptune: a dreamy quality – intensely spiritual and/or triggering


Mercury Station: deer in the headlight look – hyper alert but potentially frozen or stuck in your mindset.

· Opposing Jupiter: triggering/activating limiting beliefs especially about self (Jupiter in

Aries) and/or projecting onto partners (Mercury in Libra)

Neptune sextile Pluto: opportunities for spiritual transformation. Good time to work on addictions and awakening other areas.

Saturn quincunx Sun and square Uranus: Saturn is throwing up obstacles and limits. Whats the hold up? Trust in divine timing even when it gets very very frustrating.

· Uranus & North Node trine Sun shows the way: Be unabashedly you! Find your

freakiest flag and fly it. Whatever your inner self is screaming for… being completely

true to yourself: DO THAT!

Venus square Mars: can be social animosity or awkwardness or tension in the air. We are all fighting our own demons and there might be some spillage.


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