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Mercury Rx Gets a Bad Rap

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

December 26, 2022

Bonnie Isham Willis ::

What is Mercury Retrograde ?

Usually, three times a year for three weeks, the planet Mercury “goes retrograde.” That’s when Mercury slows down so much that we zoom right past, as it appears to travel backward as we move further away. For Astrologers this signifies a time when we do and think a little differently. Our day to day routines and patterns can be disrupted or out of line and technology, traveling and communications seem to be overly sensitive or challenging. The idea of retrograde as reflective, going inward, and reviewing, rejuvenating, recharging, and many other re~ words seems to help, at least when you give yourself a moment to get your mind right and don’t give in to the stress of that instant.

All the planets “go retrograde” except the Sun and Moon, which aren’t planets after all, but they are worth mentioning.

Mercury Rx Gets A Bad Rap

It is true that our day-to-day life can get disrupted and off schedule in the three weeks that Mercury seems to be going backward. But the TRUTH is that it only seems to be going backward. It’s all in how you THINK about it.

Best Strategy

The best strategy is to change your perspective and be pro-active. If you plan ahead, you should have far fewer problems. Start projects before Mercury goes retrograde. Or if you do start a project during the retrograde, be sure to spend more time preparing and paying attention to details while the messenger god is moon walking.

If you look at the positive side, you get a chance to do the things you normally don’t have time to do. The best way to handle Mercury retrograde is to see the bright side, be prepared, and be flexible.

Mercury Retrograde Activities

· organize & clean out what you no longer need

· Give yourself a few extra minutes where ever its needed

· Research and double check

· Take notes and make lists – write it down so you have it later

· Revamp your healthy life by rejuvenating your diet or exercise routine

· Redo or update something that needs it

· Rewind or unwind

· Re-organize your garage or closets, drawers, office space etc

· Meditate more & get out in nature

· Make those calls and write those letters that are overdue

· Finish your UFOs (unfinished projects)

· Change your attitude

· Practice patience and flexibility


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