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May 2024 Forecast

...Hello and welcome to May, a month filled with exciting cosmic shifts and fantastic opportunities! As Mercury moves into the stable sign of Taurus mid month, we're all about practical thinking and communicating with intention—think before you speak and make it count. Meanwhile, the Sun dashes into playful Gemini, lighting up our curiosity and eagerness to learn. Jupiter follows suit, enhancing our intellectual adventures even more! Let's break down the highlights:


May 1 - Sun in Taurus & Moon in Aquarius:

Today, as the Sun cozies up in Taurus, get ready to indulge in life's pleasures and seek out stability. Focus on enjoying and enhancing your senses, but remember, being too stubborn could trip you up. Stay flexible! With the Moon in inventive Aquarius, it's also a perfect time to embrace your unique ideas and quirky side!


May 2 - Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius:

Pluto begins its retrograde journey today, urging us to reflect on how we can innovate and refresh our communities. It's a time to think about the big changes we need for progress and how each of us can make a difference!


May 7 - New Moon in Taurus:

As the New Moon rises in Taurus, we're welcomed into a space of warmth and grounding. This special time is perfect for setting heartfelt intentions that nurture our need for security, comfort, and simple joys. Taurus, a sign deeply connected with the Earth, invites us to slow down and soak in the beauty that surrounds us every day. Whether you're planning to invest in your financial future, kick-start a wellness plan, or just take more time to relish life's pleasures, this New Moon is your ally in crafting sustainable, fulfilling endeavors. It’s a wonderful opportunity to plant the seeds that will grow into lasting treasures in your life!


May 15 - Mercury in Taurus:

With Mercury in Taurus, slow down your mental pace. Focus on concrete, practical ideas. This is a great time for planning things that need a steady hand, like budgeting or long-term projects!


May 20 - Sun in Gemini:

As the Sun enters Gemini, everything feels lighter and more dynamic. It’s a brilliant time to learn, chat, and start new projects, especially ones that involve writing or speaking. Embrace change and add some variety to your life!


May 23 - Full Moon in Sagittarius:

The Full Moon in Sagittarius later in the month shifts the focus from grounding to exploring. Sagittarius, a fire sign, is all about expansion, adventure, and seeking truth. This lunation illuminates our higher ideals and thirst for knowledge. It’s a time when the culmination of our efforts may become visible, offering a chance to adjust our paths if they’re not aligning with our true aspirations. The adventurous energy of Sagittarius also makes this Full Moon perfect for exploring new philosophies, traveling, or engaging with cultures and ideas that are foreign to us!


May 25 - Jupiter in Gemini:

Jupiter moves into Gemini, sparking an intellectual boom. Expect lots of new ideas and opportunities for learning and connecting. Dive into new topics, attend workshops, or network to your heart's content!


The Wrap Up: 

May is all about finding balance between Taurus's grounding energy and Gemini's lively spirit. From setting practical intentions under the New Moon to exploring under the Full Moon, this month offers a wonderful mix of stability and flexibility! 


So, let's dance through May with the stars as our guides, exploring personal growth and embracing new knowledge. 


As the month ends, reflect on all you've learned and connected with, and get ready to build on these experiences as we move forward.


See you under the stars fellow space travelers! Until next month! ~Michele

Meet Michele LeBeaumont

Michele wears a few hats, wife, mother, and grandmother. Her four-decade-long journey in astrology began with a dog-eared ephemeris as well as a few books from the local library and downtown bookstore. It evolved into a passion for learning she carries today.

Michele's motto? "When you're ripe, you rot" - a reminder to always be learning and evolving. She's a dedicated student, attending webinars, listening to astrology podcasts, and eagerly consuming new information.

Guiding others on their astrological journeys brings Michele immense joy. From beginners to advanced students, she loves the excitement of discovery and the challenge of staying on her toes.

Under the mentorship of Bonnie Isham Willis, Michele dreams of collaborating on exciting astrological ventures with Bonnie. When not exploring the cosmos, she resides in Northern Virginia with her Pisces Rising husband, a couple of adult children, a granddaughter, and her beloved cat and muse, Zoe.

With Michele, astrology isn't just a hobby - it's a lifelong journey filled with curiosity, discovery, and the joy of sharing knowledge.


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