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May 2023

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Ask Bonnie

Bonnie Isham Willis :

Saturn in Pisces feels like trying to catch up with our dreams. (Neptune) To make our dreams a reality, we have to level up; we have to make a commitment to our Self. If we want to create our best life and manifest our big dreams, we must follow it up with commitment from Saturn (actually getting it done). All the hard work, all the seeds planted, everything you have put into your dream is all worth it. Watch it come to life.

The May eclipse (May 5) is also the Vesak holy day celebrating the Buddha’s birthday. Sit in contemplation for a moment and consider what you need to release and let go. Think about holding on, when something no longer works, what is our fear? We may find comfort and feelings of security when things stay the same. But there is freedom in seeing something or doing something in a new way.

Giving up and letting go are not the same. Letting go is releasing an old belief or mindset and seeing in a new light. Giving up is saying you aren’t willing to make the investment or effort, or do your best. Release and let go of old mindsets but don’t give up on your dreams.

Some of the themes of the Taurus New Moon (May 19th) and the second half of the month might include personal power versus systematic power and our place in society as part of the collective. How do we handle our personal power when we are not at the top of the food chain? Do we feel powerless and seek out ways to feel powerful or try to take others’ power from them? Do we contemplate why we feel powerless?

The skill to judge a situation or person quickly is part of our instinctual make up. It’s an important skill for survival. But in most modern situations we are just playing with our own mind. Jupiter square Pluto Rx can bring these themes to the forefront of our minds. Perhaps there will be an event that makes us think more deeply about beliefs and judgment. Are you still fighting fixed mindsets and beliefs?

Remember, the crazier the outer world, the more important it is to take care of the details and really focus on your own self-care.

Significant Dates:

May 1: Pluto stations Retrograde in Taurus: implementing, solidifying, integrating the new you. May Day takes on a whole new meaning with Pluto; the transformation process has begun from the inside out.

May 5: Scorpio Lunar (Full Moon) Eclipse 14*Scorpio/Taurus: Vesak Moon, we are celebrating the life and work of the Buddha. The Scorpio/Taurus axis shows us the shadow and asks us to choose the light.

May 7: Venus moves into Cancer: Learning that self care has to be your first priority.

May 14: Mercury stations Direct for Mothers Day: you may be glad that many of the frustrating annoyances have eased off, but what did you learn? The Rx period should have shown you new and different ways of understanding and communicating. If you go back to the old ways, you will likely be right back in the frustration zone.

May 16: Jupiter moves into Taurus; small indulgences are self care, but overindulgence is self abuse. Find your balance.

May 19: New Moon at 28* Taurus: Get your hands or feet dirty. Stay grounded; what can you give to nature for Taurus new moon?

May 20: Mars moves into Leo: Leader of the pack or drama queen? Powerful manifesting passion with Mars in Leo, but how can you see that if you are stuck in your ego need for shallow fulfillment? A true leader leads by example. Be the light!

May 21: Sun moves into Gemini: Play, play, play. Maybe too much to do but it is all so much fun.


If you’d like to see how these energies are affecting you personally, make an appointment with me via email, or my website.

Bonnie Isham Willis

I will be available at The Third Eye Mystic Shop on alternating Saturdays for Astrology & Healing Sessions. May 13 & May 27.

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