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June 2023

As the planets station retrograde one by one this summer, we begin to experience our world differently. When we can’t find the answers we seek in the outer world, we are called to go deeper into our inner world.

Pluto is bringing in the changes whether we acknowledge it or not. We got a glimpse of the next level (Pluto in Aquarius) and now we have to let everything else catch up. Pluto’s message for us: The more we are afraid of losing control, the tighter we hold on. When we can release the illusion of control, and let the changes come through, it will get easier. But we are digging in our heels. We still have a strong Taurus influence – we call it perseverance when it works out and stubborn when it doesn’t.

The Jupiter- North Node team would suggest that Taurean steadfastness is providing the opportunities and leading us where we need to go. If you believe (Jupiter) and it’s important to you (Taurus) then you are on the right path(North Node). When needed, re-connect with your Self/ God/Universe. Get outside in nature and enjoy summer to the fullest.

As we move into Cancer season we surround and protect our family and home. We may be busy but it will be with family. Home Improvement projects time !!

The changes you want are yours for the taking. But it requires nurturing and commitment on a deeper level. Like a garden, you have to give it water and sunlight every day. It is consistency, discipline, and commitment that gets you to the next level.

Significant Dates:

June 3: Sagittarius Full Moon: There is a lot of pull and tug – we are stretched in at least 8 directions. Go where your heart wants but you gotta make the commitment. You have to double down, dig in and fight for the love, not the other stuff.

June 5: Venus moves into Leo: We all need to be seen. Don’t hide it under a bushel.

June 11: Mercury moves to Gemini; Pluto Retrogrades back into Capricorn until fall 2024: Thinking and learning – collecting information of all kinds. As Pluto moves back into Capricorn, we are thinking about power and structure – the authority.

June 17: Saturn stations Rx: Make a commitment to yourself. Be Accountable & set reasonable boundaries. Self Mastery takes discipline, consistency, & responsibility. You are Worth it!.

June 18: Gemini New Moon: New moon – new mindset. Retrogrades bring a lot of reviewing. Be willing to change your mindset.

June 21: Summer Solstice (in Northern Hemisphere) Sun moves into Cancer. What do you do to connect with your family? All kinds of families.

June 26: Mercury moves into Cancer more focus on family and home life. Thinking of home improvement projects

June 30: Neptune stations Rx; contemplate the connection with yourself and God/Spirit/Source


If you’d like to see how these energies are affecting you personally, make an appointment with me via email, or my website.


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