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July 2023

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

We kick off a big holiday in the US with a Capricorn Full Moon on the 3rd. The Cancer Sun and Capricorn Moon bring up issues about security. Cancer embodies emotional security - to feel safe and surrounded by family/support. Where Capricorn seeks out financial or physical achievement as a form of security.

Ideally, we will strive for balance in both our Cancer and our Capricorn worlds. Capitalizing on Cancer’s protective nurturing and compassion alongside Capricorn’s discipline, structure, and commitment. Together they are a power couple – perhaps with different motivations but striving for the same results.

In our world of new chapters, another cardinal axis takes center stage. The Aries – Libra axis is highlighted mid-month as the nodes change signs. On some level you will feel the pull between self and others. Maybe that’s always true, but for the next year or so, pronounced old comfort zone patterns will come to our attention. The old patterns that try to define you by the standards of others. While at the same time, a strong-willed independence will emerge. It’s self-empowering to embrace the Aries spirit without the need to dominate or win.

As we get to the Cancer New Moon on July 17, we might feel the frustration of illusive goals. You thought this was the way, and you still got knocked down again. This frustration of the quincunx is the fine tuning of our skills. This isn’t quite right but neither is this. The goal line keeps moving. Only the strong survive. It takes commitment and perseverance to create new starts and do – overs.

If you want to level up, you must be fully committed. 80% won’t get you there. Look to Vesta in your chart for dedication and purpose; look to Saturn for your staying power.

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Significant Dates

July 3: Capricorn Full Moon: Freedom lies in Self Mastery. You may feel the need to free yourself from responsibilities, but you cannot. You will find the freedom you seek through self-discipline, dedication, and commitment.

July 10: Mars moves into Virgo; Mercury moves into Leo: Conflicting energies while Mars may doubt itself in Virgo, Mercury moves into his creative confidence with Leo. Mars in Virgo is all about practice and perfecting a skillset. Don’t doubt the usefulness.

July 17: Cancer New Moon and the Nodes move into Aries/Libra: Is it fate or just frustration? The road to reaching your goals is like rock tumbling: smoothing out the rough edges, refining the execution. Don’t be afraid to start. (or start over)

July 22: Sun moves into Leo; Venus stations Rx (for 4 months); All that glitters is not gold. Don’t lose sign of what is truly important.

July 23: Chiron stations retrograde (Rx) Pain of my past Rewind. Don’t sit and stew in the past hurts. Honor them and let them go. Holding on to the hurts doesn’t help anyone.

July 28: Mercury moves into Virgo: Work with this energy to plan and organize your thoughts, not to worry or make yourself crazy with every detail. Find some grounding (earthing) when anxiety creeps in.


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