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Gemini Full Moon 2022

December 7, 2022

Bonnie Isham Willis:

Notes about this highly charged full moon

The full moon brings in the energy of extremes. The objective is to find the balance. This full moon brings in the back and forth of small vs. big. A small project, daily busy work vs the bigger picture, and not losing the vision when you are busy dealing with the small stuff.

Pallas is quincunx Venus and opposing Pluto

The goddess asteroid has a plan of self care and family management (cancer) that is frustrated by the opposing forces (opposing Pluto). When met with frustration we find out that the old way of doing things - the old plan is not going to work the way we want it to.

Venus in Sag is a free spirit and needs to experience and adventure to find her self worth. Are you resisting the urge to adventure (Venus in Sag) or the urge to stay at home (Pallas in Cancer). Perhaps you can create a way to honor the need for family and security & comfort, as well as the value of experience and travel.

Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces

Neptune just went direct and Jupiter is almost out of Pisces for good. There is a strong pull for the highest good. Did Neptune direct reveal any secrets or illusions for you? Is 29* Pisces the end of an era ? the end of the line? The end of an old mindset/belief? Can Neptune shine the light on the truth and lead us to a better way of thinking/believing? Dignified Neptune and Jupiter are giving us another chance to choose the path of love. For the Highest and best – the choice is always love.

Uranus and North Node in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius

Change, progress, awakening, truth is the right path. Resistance is futile. You can be accountable to yourself and to the collective. Walk the walk and talk the talk.

Mercury gets a little serious

For now, Mercury is in Capricorn with a more serious plan to take care of business. By the end of December, Mercury will go Rx for 3 weeks. The Retrograde will give you the time to renew, rebuild, and re-evaluate.

The Gemini Full Moon with Mars Rx

Renew or Re-do things with a clearer sense of the big picture – the true vision. With the squares from Juno in the 7th we will definitely be addressing personal relationships and probably issues with your partner/spouse. Keep the big picture in mind, and come from a place of love. Don’t be afraid to be the first to reach out or show love in a tough time.

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