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Equinox, Aries New Moon & Pluto meets Aquarius in March 2023

Ask Bonnie

March 20, 2023

The week leading up to the Equinox, we may feel like something has been activated. Call it a plot twist or a catapult into the next chapter, but it’s not what you expected.

The hazy dreamy feel that muffled the first part of March and made us feel like escaping and looking deeper at the same time, is lifting. The Equinox (March 20) kicks off a memorable Spring, and we are only getting started.

The stage is set; the collective is calling for change, progress, and more humanism. But it won’t be easy; change is hard, even when you know what’s good for you.

Astrology Notes:

The week of the 15th, Mars makes a final square to Neptune, reaches his most out of bounds point of declination, and leaves his shadow. He is still a bit scattered as he finishes with Gemini, but we are reining it in as the Sun moves into Aries, joining Mercury, Chiron, Jupiter and Vesta, giving us the big Aries push while North Node, Venus, Juno, and Uranus in Taurus bring in the follow through.

Kicking off the Astrological New year is the Vernal Equinox on the 20th, the Aries New Moon on the 21st, and Pluto’s ingress to Aquarius on March 23, 2023; Here come the big changes – probably not the ones you expected.

Coming Up:

A 2nd Aries New Moon and an Eclipse in April


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