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Cancer Full Moon ~ January 2023

January 6, 2023 from Palm City, Florida

Bonnie Isham Willis:

The Astrology

The energy feels elevated and intense.. even for a full moon.

This full Moon is Friday January 6, 2023, at 16 Cancer, while the Sun is at 16 Capricorn, 180* from each other. The energy is a tug of war, sometimes with extremes. The goal is to bring balance between the two sides which are not really opposites - but the other side of the same coin.

There is a feeling of start and stop or obstacles slowing you down. You planted the seeds, keep watering and giving sunlight, its coming. Take this time to review the why you want what you want and why you are working for what you are working for. Be strong in your mission, and approach it like a Capricorn – build it strong and fortified.

My notes

Air grand trine Mars Gemini, Venus Aquarius, & Ceres Libra

Don’t close yourself off or isolate but look to your friends and networks for the missing pieces - the information you need.

The energy is like saying no to every invitation because you have to focus on something important. But someone makes you come out and you have a great time and someone tells you about a new book that you need for the project. It might be the final bit of information or that last great contact that propels you forward. Although you may not really feel it or see it happening yet. It is germinating - growing under the surface, just waiting for all the right pieces to fit together just right.

Chiron in Aries apex of cardinal T-square with the sun and moon

I keep thinking about the movie My Cousin Vinny. The theme of asking and allowing other people to help you and being willing to show appreciation and share the benefits feels like Chiron healing some strong Aries issues. The force of the full moon Tsquare might bring some of these issues to a head.

Cancer emotions are getting buried under Aries and Capricorn influences that want to get everything done right now. But be aware, a Tsquare looks like a collision, but if you look a little deeper, you can see it as a slow leak or maybe the domino effect of those buried emotions. The longer you bury and hide them, the harder the crash.

Mars Rx, Mercury, Uranus Rx

There is a weird energy right now of ready and willing to go forward, to dive right in, but yet something is not quite ready, something is still holding you back. These retrogrades are digging in their heels for the last couple weeks of retrograde season. Keep making your moves, by January 22, all the planets will be direct and we will feel more free to move forward. The intensity of holding on to the old way is there, but we also have multiple opportunities for growth and progress all around. (multiple sextiles & grand trine)

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