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Aries Full Moon 2022

October 9, 2022

Bonnie Isham Willis :

This energy feels like a little break in the action before things heat up again in two weeks. The retrograde period is losing its hold as the weather gets a bit cooler and in Florida we see the traffic get busier and busier. In 2 weeks, on October 25, we have the 1st of two intense eclipses so hold on to your hats. Rest up and get ready for the show (November 8, 2022 is the 2nd intense eclipse and election day in the US)

My Notes:

Venus and Sun oppose Moon and Chiron: ego vs. emotion is typical of a full moon, but this one includes Venus and Chiron; which feels like our desires for the good life (whatever that means to us) are blocked by still holding on or avoiding an old wound.

all of the opposing planets square Pallas Athena (the asteroid): everything seems to be

against your plan. This is not the way you planned it wanted it or will tolerate it. Many

things are just not working out as they should. Your sense of control and planning is off

kilter. The challenge is really an opportunity to change your plan or stop trying to

strategize every part of your life. Sit back and watch the movie.

sextile to Uranus & North Node (an outlet): provides an opportunity to find your truth

and your path. The way you stand out and are unique – and it might surprise you.

Pluto just stationed Direct yesterday: our sense of control is a big topic lately. How do you react when your world feels like a shaken up snow globe? Hopefully we can apply what we learned during the retrograde period and make progress on your personal transformation journey.

Neptune square Mars: energy and motivation waxing and waning. You will be thinking about doing a lot but not much of it will actually get done. Gemini Mars is quite scattered and mental rather than physical. Let your mind wander and find a new adventure. There’s nothing wrong with alternating tasks and working in spurts if that helps the Gemini distracted energy accomplish more. (or maybe just keep from getting bored)


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