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Aquarius New Moon 2023

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

January 21, 2023

Bonnie Isham Willis :

The new moon in Aquarius is the Chinese New Year.

It is the beginning of a new chapter for the greater good. The final pieces are coming together. You have been pushing uphill so long, you have barely noticed that you are finally coasting. We are still a bit scattered. (Mars Gemini 12th) Slowly building momentum after a frustrating cycle. Keep making steps and choosing with your purest intentions; you will begin to see the progress you have made as you look back.

Uranus stationing in Taurus with North Node trine Mercury in Capricorn

When faced with indecision or frustration, consider the practical application - what good is this? What good will this do for me? Reflect and think out the best strategy.

Chiron, Jupiter, Neptune and Mercury

Chiron is working on the healing of self and mentoring others. Jupiter is working on personal power and Neptune is dedicated to a spiritual or higher good. Mercury Capricorn is helping us see the practical, tangible side of things but it is squaring off and causing friction with impulsive but healing Chiron and Jupiter in Aries.

I hope we can all find our balance between diving in unprepared and impulsively and considering all angles and every I and every t or restrictive limited thinking. The solution is in changing your mind. When you change your mindset, you begin to change your future.


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