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Aquarius Full Moon 2022

August 11, 2022 @ 9:34pm EDT

Bonnie Isham Willis @

In the global news, we see society trying to move on or put things back to the way they were. If you take a deeper look, you can see how this is reflected in our personal world as well. As individuals, we are trying to make moves and bring positive forward change into our lives in many ways, but in other ways or in other areas of our lives, we are afraid to make the changes; afraid to take the risks; we hold on for dear life and struggle and resist.

Everyone has, at some point in their life, fought a war inside themselves between, who we are and who we think we are supposed to be, who we used to be, or who others think we are. You can feel the pressure coming at you from every angle.

If you are not where you want to be right now, then it’s time to try something new, something different. Often what used to work for us, doesn’t work anymore for whatever reason. It is frustrating; it is defeating; it is exhausting to keep banging into the same walls.

Your level of frustration is equal to your level of resistance to the changes happening all around you. Follow the frustration; it will lead you to the part of your life that you are holding on to or resisting, if you are willing to look deeply and honestly at yourself.

The way out is to change the old ways of thinking, the old ways of doing. You can find your freedom by letting go of old habits, old patterns, old choices, old beliefs and old mindsets.


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