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April 2023

Bonnie Isham Willis :

March stirred up many changes, whether we realize it or not. This month is about solidifying those changes. What can we do with the new energy? What do we need to do differently or look at differently?

April is the time for implementing what we learned (in March) into our lives. What changes or new starts are you making part of your life now?

We planted seeds. Now its time to water them with love and watch them grow. How much love (effort) you put into yourself will pay off in the end. keep showing up and pouring all the love you can into yourself.

Significant Dates:

April 3: Mercury moves into Taurus. Delayed reaction. Sometimes we don’t get it right away – it takes a minute. Give yourself a little time to process and make up your mind.

April 6: Libra Full Moon. Find the balance between self and others. You might also feel the need to stand up for yourself and say what you really feel. Kindness counts!

April 11: Venus moves into Gemini, Sun meets Jupiter at 21 Aries. Do you feel lucky? Find childlike wonder and joy in every day.

April 20: the 2nd Aries New Moon is a solar eclipse. At the first Aries new moon (March 21,2023), we really kicked it off. This April New Moon Eclipse is taking us to the next thing ! Level up! Or stay back and do it all again.

April 21: Mercury kicks off the Retrograde season giving us time to process all the changes. It’s all about perspective. Here we go again, if you feel like you are just driving around a race track, (left turn; left turn…) You may be getting another chance to choose for the highest and best. Step out of the loop.

May 1: Pluto stations Retrograde (Rx) Have another look at control issues. If you are struggling – ask yourself, “What are you afraid of”? If you release the illusion of control, you allow universe to flow and everything works out whether you make yourself crazy or not.


If you’d like to see how these energies are affecting you personally, make an appointment with me via email, or my website.


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